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Are You Ready for a Higher Love?

Anxious attachment, fighting, scorekeeping, infidelity, and dead intimacy don’t have to stop you from thriving in love anymore. I can show you how to create the conscious Elevationship™ of your dreams.




Reclaim your emotional freedom and self-esteem

Learn conscious partner communication skills

Date and create loving relationships with ease


Having an anxious / preoccupied attachment style can feel overwhelming.

Do you (or your partner) struggle because one of you…

Love to love, but are often swept away with anxiety over where your partner is and what's they're doing?

Are scared to share your true feelings and needs because you're "too needy" and will push loved ones away?

You fall into the anxious/avoidant trap or feel like your relationships keep ending because you always "mess things up"?

Feel like no matter how hard you try, you can't get your partners to understand you or stick around?

Feel like you can't say no to partners or loved ones and they treat you like a doormat?

Are experiencing polyamory burnout or trauma and feel like there's no one you can turn to for guidance?

Are on the brink of or going through a harrowing breakup and are struggling alone with grief and abandonment issues?

Abandonment trauma has left you too scared and hypervigilant to trust new partners?

Are terrified that if you don't get your feelings under control, you'll lose your person, your family, and more?

Are going back out in the dating world but are frustrated with wishy-washy communication, letdowns, and ghosting?

Are a public figure or in high-profile relationship requiring discreet expert help?

You are not broken, in need of fixing. You are hurt, and in need of care.” ~ Arielle Schwartz

The better way

You deserve to thrive in healthy, securely attached relationships.

Doing love well requires equal parts learning and un-learning unproductive beliefs, behaviors, and core wounds we picked up from parents, school, and Hollywood.

By working with and not against your preoccupied anxious attachment style, nervous system type, relationship patterns, and childhood and abandonment trauma using the power of IFS (Internal Family Systems) or “parts work”, we’ll lovingly help you earn secure attachment and transform your strengths as a devoted and confident partner.

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I deeply understand your painful experience of anxious and fearful avoidant attachment.

Consider me an advocate of your nervous system and tender heart. I am a relationship coach, writer, and speaker specializing in insecure anxious attachment styles (aka preoccupied and ambivalent), fearful avoidants, trauma, partner communication, and breakup recovery.

My 7-year lived experience of polyamory led me to build a robust toolbox for helping people understand their attachment styles, heal relationship trauma, have more empowered boundaries, and survive and transcend through abandonment and breakups.

I primarily use the lens of Internal Family Systems (aka IFS and “parts work”) to speak to the parts of you that may feel ashamed or scared to reveal themselves so they can definitively heal.

I’ve actively engaged in a deeply intensive self-study of:

  • Neurofit – certified in Nervous System Fitness
  • Attachment theory + styles
  • Polyvagal theory
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Conscious relating practices
  • Boundaries and consent work
  • Somatic emotional release modalities
  • The Victim Triangle and victim consciousness
  • Birth order and family dynamics
  • Developmental trauma and complex PTSD
  • Codependency + enmeshment
  • Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) + empaths
  • Therapeutic psychedelic medicine

I also specialize as a “poly-anxious whisperer”, offering a compassionate and safe space for those struggling with polyamorous and open relationships.


We were never taught that love is not just a feeling, but also a vital skill." ~ Lea





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Why this works

Working with me is like taking your nervous system to the spa.

This work begins with one thing to rule them all: your nervous system, and how well it adapts to your inner and outer relationship environments is the key to your (and your partner’s) happiness. 

When your nervous system is in mayday mode, nothing works. Underneath that panic button are the stories, beliefs, and traumas we’ve either experienced or inherited, which hold the finger over the button.

Through Internal Family Systems (IFS) and deep parts work, we’ll uncover the origin of your anxious attachment triggers, somatically speak to your hurt protectors and wounded parts, empower you with nervous system regulation practices, and coach you to communicate to win with your partners.

Click below to learn more about how that works!

The Plan

3 Simple Steps to Healing Your Anxious Attachment Style:

Step 1: Book a Coaching Consult

Start your journey with a complimentary discovery call with me so we can get to know each other. You share your needs, I guide us in determining whether we’re an ideal match, and if we are, you commit to show up to the work with me!

Step 2: Understand and Heal

Explore, heal, integrate, and empower yourself together with me. Here’s our deal: I’ll gently hold your hand through the exploration and integration process, and you’ll receive materials to learn and grow between sessions.

Step 3: Get Your Love On!

Begin to enjoy the fruits of your labor: greater dating and relationship ease + attachment security, both with yourself and with partners. Experience true emotional freedom + resilience that you’ll carry for the rest of your life!

Are You Ready to Become a Secure Attachment Jedi?

Experiencing anxious attachment and abandonment issues feels like...

  • Dating frustration and giving up on finding new love
  • Insecure and short-lived “situation-ships”
  • Preoccupied anxious attachment with partners
  • Torn between whether you should end a difficult relationship
  • Partners bailing because “you’re not right for them
  • Nervous system burnout and panic attacks
  • Mushy or non-existent respect for your boundaries 
  • Anxious / avoidant traps or enmeshment
  • Declining quality of life and happiness
  • Debilitating discomfort
  • Gnawing poly-anxious stress and jealousy
  • Constant fighting and bickering with your partner
  • Partner stonewalling, withdrawal, and avoidance
  • Always feeling like a victim of partners, family, and life
  • An increasingly dwindling sex life
  • Devastating breakup grief and abandonment trauma

Experiencing emotional freedom and secure attachment feels like:

  • Confidence in and actually enjoying online dating
  • Magnetizing partners who are right for you
  • Sustainable and securely attached partnerships
  • Clarity on whether a relationship is sustainable or not
  • Balanced, interdependent relationships
  • Manageable, even productive discomfort
  • Holding strong boundaries that people honor
  • Greater secure poly and CNM experiences
  • Enjoyable partner communication and collaboration
  • Manageable conflict, resolution, and make-up s*x!
  • Greater ease leaning in to hard discussions
  • Expanding your capacity for emotional and physical intimacy with yourself and your partners
  • Reclaiming your empowerment as the creator of your life
  • Navigating transitions with support, grace, and growth into the next phase of your life.


My Clients' Results Can Be Yours...

"Our session was the most moving thing I have experienced within my self ever…..I could not have even felt this without your help!!! I can’t wait for our next session!!!"

– Seth B.

"After working with Lea, I'm feeling so good with my open relationship and proud of the work I did to heal my parts!"

Jen K.

"It’s truly epic to work with Lea. She brings such a breadth of knowledge and heart to supporting our relationship.”

– G.L.

“Working with Lea helped me become much more aware of how my anxious attachment was affecting my polyamorous relationship, and how to navigate it. It was game-changing. ”

– Sean R.

“I reached out to Lea because i wanted to go from fearful avoidant to feeling secure! She always provides a fun, safe space where I can be my inner most self… which is why I plan to have her as my coach for a long time to come.

– Taylor C.

Doing Inner Work with Lea Dawn, Attachment Relationship Coach

Everything You Need for a Transformation

Here's What You'll Get:

When you work with me, we work. You’ll receive:

  • A coaching package tailored to your growth path, budget, and schedule
  • A detailed intake with optional assessments (like a core human needs and attachment style quiz)
  • A safe place for you to express your deepest feelings and needs
  • IFS parts work “dives” to cultivate deep self-love
  • Nervous system education and management strategies
  • Attachment-specific scripts for communicating your feelings, needs, desires, and boundaries
  • Insight and strategies for managing breakdowns between anxious and avoidant attachment styles
  • Reading assignments
  • Journaling prompts
  • A customized daily practice to make change fast
  • Periodic practice reminders and love notes
  • Connection exercises for couples+
  • Optional WhatsApp messaging support

If this sounds too intense, don’t worry – this is work you’ll love to do.

It won’t always be easy, but I promise to make it fun, practical, and the long-lasting results you deserve!

Let's do this

Book Your Free Coaching Consult

Anxious and precoccupied attachment doesn’t have to hold you back for a moment longer. And contrary to popular self-help dogma, you don’t have to “heal and love yourself first” before you’re “allowed” to love someone else. 

The wounds that happened in relationship are best healed in relationship.

I welcome people of all genders, orientations, identities, and relationship styles, and offer flexible payment plans and a sliding scale to those experiencing financial hardship.

Suit up and get started on the most important healing journey of your life today!

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