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About Lea (she/her)

Consider me your anxious heart's new bestie.

I am a single’s and couple’s relationship coach, writer, and speaker specializing in attachment styles, trauma, communication, infidelity repair, breakup recovery, and consensually non-monogamous relationships (CNM).

I am also an author, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator, having spoken to over 15,000 live audience members, so delivering important information in an understandable way is my jam.

As the former co-Leader of the Leveled Up Love Facebook community, I’ve had deep experience both living, coaching, and speaking about the beauties and challenges of open and polyamorous relationships, especially for the anxious and fearful avoidant / disorganized.

I’ve also supported public figures and high-profile relationships with attachment counseling with a deep commitment to confidentiality.

There’s no mission more important to me in this world than helping the anxiously attached like me heal their wounds and reclaim their self-worth, emotional freedom, and confidence in dating and relating.

You are not broken, in need of fixing. You are hurt, and in need of care.” ~ Arielle Schwartz

Why I Do This

My story is a lot like yours.

Like many people, I spent many years in go-nowhere relationships with devastating breakups before I even knew what attachment styles were.

After separating from a monogamous marriage and becoming a single mom, I never expected to fall in love right away, especially with a polyamorous man.

But I did, and I was utterly unprepared for the deepest, most exhilarating, yet most challenging relationship roller coaster of my life.

While I adored my beloved who became my domestic partner, business partner, and co-parent, I deeply struggled with his need for relationship freedom.

I began to suffer panic attacks, nervous system breakdowns, and the clearest dark night of the soul imaginable.

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At the brink of exhaustion, I was blessed to learn about attachment theory, and suddenly everything made sense.

My separation anxiety and protest behavior all stemmed from the belief that I was always about to lose my partner’s love.

Then when I read the landmark book polysecure by my now polyamory counselor and friend Jessica Fern, I realized just how many poly-anxious people were out there just like me. 

Let me tell you, being anxious AND fearful avoidant in polyamory is no walk in the park!

I spent the following years learning everything I could about nervous system regulation, attachment styles, and trauma healing.

My journey through healing anxious attachment led to becoming a co-leader of the Facebook group Leveled Up Love (with almost 10k members) and I got to meet many attachment and poly experts through our work.

From there, I studied the work of Esther Perel, Gabor Mate, Pete Walker, Peter Levine, Bessel Van Der Kolk and many other relationship, trauma, and attachment luminaries.


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My partner and I not only began to heal many unproductive communication patterns, core wounds, and power dynamics together, we went on to become coaches, speakers, and workshop facilitators to help those like us struggling with attachment and abandonment trauma in polyamorous and open relationships.

Still, communal polyamory did not work for me and our “modern family” was not meant to last, and I endured the deepest heartbreak of my life.

Yet, I consider this last transition to be the most important relationship milestone I’ve ever achieved. In it, I swam through deep abandonment issues to go on a mission of the mastery of grief and breakup recovery.

While my healing journey is far from over (it never is once we’re on it!), I coach and teach from the trenches with a grounded, compassionate, humorous, and loving hand with practical, mechanical, energetic, and shamanic tools for transformation.

My dream is of a world that understands that love is a skill we were never taught, and that learning to love each other and ourselves better will lead to secure, sustainable relationships that teach us to become our best selves and that last.

I believe in a world where love heals and no one walks alone.

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The Transformation

Let's unleash your inner badass.

Healing your anxious attachment style doesn’t mean not being a nice person anymore – but it does mean no more Mx. Pushover.

The core step of this journey is your empowerment, reclaiming your voice as an advocate for your feelings, needs, and boundaries.

While that can be terrifying for an anxious / preoccupied attached, I promise to show you how to own your power with grace and magnetize your ideal partners to you and keep them.

The Work

The Elevationship™ Success Path

I use a 3-part process to facilitate healing and transformation. While I love long-running client relationships, I prefer efficiency and it’s a higher compliment when my clients are feeling better faster.


We'll be "trigger detectives" and explore your inner emotional landscape and traumatology. We begin your nervous system education with my signature regulation framework, The Secure Love Atlas, and learn how your nervous system is creating your current relationship reality.


I model what a healthy, securely attached relationship can look and feel like for you, so you can begin to transfer those blueprints to the relationship you have with your self and partners. Your new tools, practices, affirmations, and assignments will help you interrupt old patterns and instill new behaviors.


You'll begin to enjoy the benefits conscious security like dating with confidence, expressing your needs and feelings, and experiencing deeper partner intimacy.

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Anxious Attachment Healing Tools

Street Creds

My toolbox will become your toolbox.

I’ve curated a wide array of tools and frameworks to help you, primarily parts work. My completed certifications and courses include:

My areas of self-study include:

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems, parts work, inner child work)
  • IFIO (Intimacy from the Inside Out) for couples
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Attachment theory + styles
  • Polyvagal theory + nervous system regulation
  • Masculinity / Femininity / polarity
  • Birth order and family dynamics
  • Developmental trauma and complex PTSD
  • Victim consciousness and the drama triangle
  • The narcissism spectrum
  • Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and empaths
  • Neuroscience, biohacking, meditation, and SOMA breathwork
  • Emotional release tools
  • Neo-Tantra & sacred intimacy practices
  • Therapeutic psychedelic medicine
  • Shamanism and ceremonial sound healing
  • Archetypes and mythology
  • Akeru for grief and breakup recovery
  • Conscious parenting and polyamorous families

Let's do this

Book Your Free Coaching Consult

I welcome people of all genders, orientations, identities, and relationship styles, and offer a sliding scale to those experiencing financial hardship.

Suit up and get started on the most important healing journey of your life today!

Lea Dawn - Anxious Attachment Speaker and Facilitator

Event Organizers - Hire Me to Speak

Let me delight and electrify your next event's honored attendees.

With over 250 presentations, conference keynotes, webinars, and group workshops under my belt, I can make your event, interview, or podcast an informative and memorable experience.

I combine information communication with extensive musical theater training that leaves my audiences cheering for more and making organizers like you their hero.

I’ve been invited to speak on TV, relationship events, retreats, and podcasts including:

Reach out below for speaking, retreat workshop facilitation, course collaborations, and interviews on all things attachment styles, trauma, breakups, and being poly-anxious!

I also perform ceremonial vocal sound healing concerts and collaborations.

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 I dedicated years to learning and establishing my goals to help me achieve my dream self and lifestyle. And I want the same for you.

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